From the latin meaning “change or transformation”

Is a meristematic plant tissue specific to woody plants, located between the bark and the trunk. The layers that make up the fabric are the rings that indicate the years of life of a tree.


Cambium Restaurant is a gastronomic project located in Cambrils, where fusion cuisine respects tradition and together with the quality and treatment of the product, they form a gastronomic experience to taste and share the essence of the establishment.

To summarize in five words: origins, character, soul, gastronomy and wine.


This restaurant is a gastronomic proposal with a clear Mediterranean identity. We value the sea, but also the mountain.


A family project, with Mediterranean origins, makes the word Cambium, today, make sense. The roots, growth and generational evolution of the old standing restaurant ‘La Fonda el Camí’, which has transformed the its areas into a botanical garden that warmly invades the room.

A sincere space where you can enjoy the origins that tell us about nature, family, perseverance, character and youth.


The gastronomic proposals coexist with a great diversity of wines that pair the meals of the Cambium restaurant.

Let yourself get advice from restaurateurs and enjoy a 360ºexperience.